PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner

Portable Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2 provides quick and accurate measurement for bladder volume and post-void residual. Caresono HD2 bladder scanner has high performance, reasonable price, top good quality with more accurate measurement results. If you are a very experienced operator in finding the right position of bladder, Caresono HD2 bladder scanner is your best choice.

Benefits of bladder scanners
1) Avoid the pain caused by unnecessary intubation.
2) Reduce the chance of urinary tract infections.
3) Monitor urine and prevent urinary retention.
4) Reduce hospital costs and save doctors' working time.
5) Easy operation, and there is no requirement for sonographers.
6) Reduce doctor-patient conflicts and improve the quality of patient treatment.
7) Improve work efficiency and avoid waste of resources.

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Function:The Device Is Used In Medical Departments For Bladder Volume Measurement Noninvasively.

Operation:Operator Should Stand In The Right Side Of The Patient, Locate The Bladder, About 3cm Below The Navel And Apply A Large Amount Of Ultrasound Gel On The Bladder And Press The Scan Button To Run The Automatic Real-Time Calculation.


urinary bladder scan

Applicable Markets:Families, Rehabilitation And Convalescent Centers, Nursing Homes, Etc., Which Need Bladder Capacity Or Bladder Residual Urine Volume Data For Monitoring, Nursing Care, Bladder Function Training, Performing Quantitative Catheterization, Controlling The Timing Of Catheterization, And Draining Urinary Retention.

Principle Introduction:The Bladder Is Scanned With The Ultrasound Probe, Processed By The Original Bladder Edge Determination Technology, And The Bladder Volume Measurement Is Completed By Using The Flap Superposition Technology Developed By Our Company (With Several Invention Patents).

Benefits:The Application Of Caresono PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner Can Effectively Improve The Technical Level Of Nursing Services In Families, Nursing Homes, Homes For The Elderly And Rehabilitation Centers, Etc., Better Grasp The Timing Of Intermittent Catheterization In Bedridden Patients, Reduce The Number Of Invalid Catheterizations, Significantly Reduce The Rate Of Urinary Tract Infections In Patients, Avoid The Occurrence Of Urinary Retention Conditions In Elderly Patients, Which Do Good To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Patients. It Is A Necessary Means Of Protecting Bladder Function And A Necessity For Timely Consultation And Care. It Helps To Shorten The Hospitalization Period, Reduce Treatment Expenses Rational Use Of Catheterization And Reduce The Incidence Of Urinary Tract Infections.


Long-Term Care Of Paraplegic Patients.

Paraplegic Patients Suffer From Loss Or Weakening Of Sensation, Movement, Reflexes And Sphincter Function Below The Damaged Plane Caused By Complete Or Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Triggering Symptoms Such As Urinary Difficulty, Urinary Retention And Incontinence. Long-Term Urinary Retention Can Cause Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Failure And Other Urinary Complications, And Even Death.

Spinal Cord Injury Is A Common Type Of Trauma In Accidents Other Than Traffic, Labor And Sports, And Is The Main Cause Of Paraplegia And One Of The Highest Rates Of Human Disability. Currently, There Are Millions Of Paraplegics In China Due To Traffic Accidents Alone.   

In Post-Earthquake Paraplegics After The Tangshan Earthquake, For Example, Chronic Renal Insufficiency Was The First Cause Of Death In Patients More Than 10 Years After Spinal Cord Injury, Which Was Caused By Repeated And Multiple Urinary Tract Infections.

Therefore, Urinary Tract Care For Paraplegics Is Particularly Important.

Necessity For Using Bladder Scanners In Paraplegics.

◎ Quantitative Voiding And Catheterization To Protect Bladder Function

◎ Urination And Catheterization According To Safe Bladder Volume To Protect The Upper Urinary Tract

◎ Training Bladder Sensation And Guiding The Timing Of Voiding And Catheterization

◎ Perform Catheterization Before The Onset Of Filling Incontinence

◎ Perform Catheterization Before Bladder Capacity Rises To The Point Where Incontinence Due To Uninhibited Bladder Contraction Occurs, Reducing Unnecessary Catheterization

The Need For General Bladder Examination Within The Family.

The Accumulation Of Urine Over A Long Period Of Time Could Create Conditions For Bacterial Growth And Triggers Urinary Tract Infections, Leading To Renal Failure In Severe Cases If The Bladder Is Overfilled, Which Will Increase The Intra-Vesical Pressure, Thus Increasing The Risk Of Intra-Abdominal Hypertension Leading To Abdominal Fascial Compartment Syndrome And Multi-System Organ Failure.

Long-Term Care Of The Seniors.

Appropriate Range Of Bladder Scanners.

The Seniors Who Have Weakened Organism Function As They Age, Or Have Impaired Voiding Function Due To Disease.

The Seniors Who Need Long-Term Bed-Ridden Indwelling Catheterization Due To Disease And Organismal Decompensation.

Benefits For Catheterization At Home

◎The Necessity Of Catheterization

◎ To Avoid Bladder Mucosal Damage From Heavy And Rapid Catheterization

◎ To Provide A Basis Information For Restorative Bladder Function Training (Quantitative Catheterization)

◎ To Provide A Basis Information For Catheterization At Safe Bladder Volume In Patients With Neurogenic Bladder

◎ To Monitor Bladder Capacity And Assess The Duration Of Catheterization To Avoid Acute Urinary Retention

Urinary Retention Is Defined As A Bladder Filled With Urine That Cannot Be Expelled Normally. According To Its History And Characteristics, There Are Two Categories Of Acute Urinary Retention And Chronic Urinary Retention:

◎ Acute Urinary Retention -- Mechanical Obstruction, Neurological Obstruction

◎ Chronic Urinary Retention -- Mechanical Obstruction, Dynamic Obstruction

Long-Term Care Of Patients With Functional Bladder Exercise At Home

Normal Voiding Activity Is Participated By The Spinal Reflex Center And Sympathetic, Parasympathetic, And Somatic Nerves, And Any Damage To The Nerves Related To Voiding Triggers A Voiding Dysfunction That Becomes Neurogenic Bladder.

Therefore, Home Care Of Patients With Neurogenic Bladder Who Require Voiding Function Exercises In Neurology And Rehabilitation Departments Due To Neurological Dysfunction Like Cerebral Infarction, Stroke, Metabolic Disease, Etc. Need The Help Of Bladder Scanner.

Application Of Bladder Scanner At Home

◎ Train And Instruct Patients With Urinary Incontinence To Void Or Catheterize Before Incontinence

◎ Performing Voiding Or Catheterization At Safe Bladder Capacity

◎ Dosing Or Catheterization With The Primary Goal Of Bladder Function Protection And Rehabilitation

◎ Avoid Overfilling Of The Bladder And Protect The Upper Urinary Tract

Long-Term Care Of Chronic Diseases For The Senior At Home.

Diabetic Nephropathy.

As The Duration Of Diabetic Nephropathy Increases, Patients Experience Changes In Urinary Habits And An Increase In Bladder Residual Urine Volume And Bladder Wall Thickness. Patients With Increased Bladder Residual Urine Volume Are Also More Likely To Have Combined Urinary Tract Infections And A Higher Incidence Of Renal Function Abnormalities.

Real-Time Monitoring Of Bladder Residual Urine Volume In Elderly Diabetic Patients Can Effectively Prevent The Occurrence And Progression Of Diabetic Nephropathy.

Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux

Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux Is The Most Common Clinical Condition. It Is Mostly Seen In Pediatric Patients. It Is A Congenital Anomaly Of The Submucosal Ureteral Segment Of The Bladder, Such As Congenital Short Submucosal Ureter Of The Bladder And Dysplastic Bladder Triangular Muscle Tissue.

Secondary Vesicoureteral Reflux.

Secondary Vesicoureteral Reflux Can Occur To The Obstruction Of The Bladder Neck Or Urethra Due To A Variety Of Causes (Bladder Hypertension), Neurogenic Bladder (Bladder Muscle Weakness), Bladder Tuberculosis And After Bladder Surgery (Causing Damage To The Ureter).

Ureteral Reflux And Renal Failure.

A Serious Consequence Of Vesicoureteral Reflux Is The Development Of Reflux Nephropathy

One Of The Major Cause Of Renal Failure Is The Secondary Hypertension And Chronic Renal Insufficiency   

The Incidence Of End-Stage Renal Failure Due To Reflux Nephropathy In Adults And Children Is 12% And 40%, Respectively.

The Application Of Bladder Scanner In Homes, Nursing Homes, Homes For The Elderly, Rehabilitation Centers, Can Be Implemented To Monitor The Bladder Function Of The Seniors, Caresono PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner Is Easy To Use After The Training. It Is Effectively Improving The Quality Of Home Care, Improve The Quality Of Life Of Paraplegics, Elderly Patients, Etc., And It Also Optimizes Medical Resources And Reduces Waste Of Resources.

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