PadScan HD5 Plus Bladder Scanner

HD5 Plus is one of our most advanced bladder scanners. Unique degisn, WIFI connectivity, large storage, stable performance and high accuracy. HD5 Plus has been widely used for the measurement of bladder volume and redidue urine.

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Function:The Device Is Used In Medical Departments For Bladder Volume Measurement Noninvasively.

Operation:Operator Should Stand In The Right Side Of The Patient, Locate The Bladder, About 3cm Below The Navel And Apply A Large Amount Of Ultrasound Gel On The Bladder And Press The Scan Button To Run The Automatic Real-Time Calculation.

Bladder Scanner

Principle Introduction:Built-In Dual Micro-Angle Stepper Motors In The Ultrasonic 3D Probe, It Can Scan The Bladder Continuously At High Speed In Three Dimensions, And Automatically Acquire 12 Cross-Sectional Images Of The Bladder, With Being Processed By The Original Bladder Edge Determination Technology, And Then Complete The Bladder Volume Determination By The Flap Superposition Technology Developed By Our Company (With Several Invention Patents).

The Product Relies On Caresono's Team Of Experts At Home And Abroad, And Independently Innovates A New Generation Of Bladder Volume Measurement Instrument. The Product Has Been Widely Used In Overseas Markets, And After Years Of Technical And Quality Verification In The International Market, Caresono Has Become An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) For Labeling And Sales By Well-Known Foreign Companies.


Urology: To Provide Data For The Diagnosis Of Common Urological Diseases, Such As Prostatic Hyperplasia And Indications For Surgery And Assessment Of Bladder Function; To Provide Data On Residual Urine Volume For The Determination Of Postoperative Bladder Function Recovery And Prevention Of Complications.

Obstetrics And Gynecology: To Provide Data For Post-Operative Assessment Of Bladder Function In Obstetrics And Gynecology; To Provide Data On Residual Urine Volume For Pelvic Floor Function Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Result Assessment.

Radiotherapy Department: Provide Accurate Bladder Volume Data For CT Localization And Radiation Therapy For Pelvic Tumor Precision Radiotherapy.

Rehabilitation:Provide Accurate Bladder Volume Data For Treatment Of Neurogenic Bladder And Timing Of Intermittent Catheterization For Bladder Function Rehabilitation Training.

Neurology:Provide Bladder Capacity And Residual Urine Volume Data For Stroke, Cerebral Infarction And Other Diseases That Can Cause Urinary Dysfunction And Require Catheterization Or Verification Of The Effectiveness Of Drug Therapy.

Endocrinology: Provide Data On Bladder Residual Urine Volume For The Prevention And Treatment Of Neurogenic Bladder Or Diabetic Nephropathy Caused By Diabetes Mellitus.

Neurosurgery: Provide Bladder Capacity And Residual Urine Volume Data For Voiding Dysfunction Caused By Traumatic Brain Injury And Other Causes That Require Catheterization Or To Verify The Effectiveness Of Drug Therapy.

In Addition, Bladder Scanner Can Be Used In Departments Such As General Surgery, Anorectology, Orthopedics, ICU, Emergency Care Units, Operating Rooms, Pediatrics, Medical Examination Centers And All Clinical Departments Where Catheterization Is Required.

portable bladder scanner

Benefits of bladder scanners

1) Avoid the pain caused by unnecessary intubation.

2) Reduce the chance of urinary tract infections.

3) Monitor urine and prevent urinary retention.

4) Reduce hospital costs and save doctors' working time.

5) Easy operation, and there is no requirement for sonographers.

6) Reduce doctor-patient conflicts and improve the quality of patient treatment.

7) Improve work efficiency and avoid waste of resources.

At the first company mastering the patented "No Calibration for Life" technology and offering the bladder scanners with the best cost performance to medical practitioners for the past decade, presents with honor.


1) Streamlined design in appearance supported by the environmental friendly materials.

2) Super sensitive screen with iPhone's level

3) State of the art in ergonomic workflow and user experience.

4) Wifi embededd: seamless data transfer.

5) Patented probe:ease of use and no calibration needed for life.

6) Comprehensive scanning system: real-time bladder image, guideline for correct location, automatic bladder volume calculation with sharp algorithm. Sonographer degree not required.

In HD5 Plus, we value nurse' working efficiency, academic skill sets improvement, and career development.

More Advantages:

1) Upgrade on storage: 1,000 patients' capacity. Bigger storage, better efficiency.

2) Full screen ultrasound image: practical in the department training programs; Enlighten your personal growth and career diversity.

3) Quick search: Easy start to do the archive process.

4) Built-in intuitive guidance: tutorial video and accuracy checking system. Assisted to be more skillful.

5) Data Analysis: One-stop patient information management station.

6) Considerate Icon: Scan button on the screen designed for cozy operation.

7) Range/Accuracy 0ml-999ml; ±7.5% (On Caresono tissue equivalent phantom).

8) Patient data storage:1000 patients

9) WiFi Connectivity;

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